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Pattern - Macrame Plant Hanger

Pattern - Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame Plant Hanger Pattern

In this pattern I will teach you the knots used in this plant hanger. Every step will be explained with photo's and video's. 


To make this plant hanger you will need the following materials:

  • 6x 5 meter (16,5 foot) of 5mm (0,2") white cotton rope
  • 2x 2 meter (6,5 foot) of 3mm (0,1") mustard cotton rope
  • 2x 2 meter (6,5 foot) of 3mm (0,1") salmon cotton rope
  • 1x wood ring
  • Buy the DIY kit with all the materials here

Starting a plant hanger

To start your plant hanger cut 6 equal sections of white cotton rope of 5 meter (16,5 foot) each. Take the 6 sections of rope and find the middle of each, pull all 6 ropes trough the wood ring.

Now it is time for the most difficult knot in this pattern, the wrapping knot or gathering knot. Use the mustard colored rope and hold the end between your thumb and index finger. Loop the rope around your pinky and back up to your thumb and index finger. Now start wrapping the rope 10 times. Pull the remaining rope through the loop and pull on the rope at the top to tighten the loop. Now trim the rope sticking out on the bottom and pull on the top to hide and secure the rope end. Trim the top end and hide it.

Do the same for the salmon colored rope, but wrap the rope 7 times.

The middle section

Take 4 ropes and leave about 15 cm (6") and start your first spiral knot. Tie 8 spiral knots in total. Followed by 3 square knots and finish by tying 8 spiral knots.

Making the basket and finish your plant hanger

To finish the plant hanger tie a square knot about 15 cm (6,5") below your last spiral knot. Now take 2 ropes of 1 'arm' and 2 ropes of the next 'arm' and tie a square knot about 10 cm (4"). Connect all 3 arms this way. Repeat this another time about 10 cm (4") lower. To finish your plant hanger tie a wrapping knot with the mustard and salmon rope the same way as you did at the start. Now all that is left is trimming your rope ends.


Feb 26, 2021

Hi I am looking for a macrame book that has a pattern for a large ( 5 and a half feet , 2 tier basket holders) with the top having 2 – 5/6 inch metal rings spaced approximately 6/7 inches below each other. I made a hanger years and years ago from a pattern and no longer have the book. Can you help ? Thank you

Nov 29, 2020

Hallo, danku voor het filmke te mogen bekijken, ik heb er enorm van geleerd!
Graag wil ik weten hoelang deze plant hanger is al hij af is ?!
Graag wil ik ook jullie nieuwsbericht en turitorial-filmke blijven volgen want ik heb nog veel te leren !
Alvast bedankt Grtjs Nadine C

Nov 20, 2020

Je cherchais un manuel ou un cours de MACRAMÉ et là, je suis comblée. C’est très clair puisque j’ai tout compris.
Un GRAND grand MERCI à vous.

Oct 22, 2020

Hi Lou B.

The finished plant hanger is about 100-110cm (40 – 45")


Robin Hendriks
Oct 06, 2020

Thank you. It’s a real nice hanger. How long is it in total?

Lou B.
Aug 20, 2020

Wow. I am so happy with how this turned out!!! I cannot thank you enough for this tutorial!

Aug 05, 2020

Do you ever make a pouch (bowl) made a plant holder with a attached bowl .
If so can you show me how please
Thank you

Robert Barnes
Jul 16, 2020

I would like a pattern for a small simple table runner.

Jul 14, 2020

Hi Natarcha Jones,

How did you measure your rope? For this plant hanger I use 6 ropes of about 5 meters each.

I attach the ropes with a gathering knot and then you have 12 ropes hanging down that are about 2.5m each.

Kind regards,

Robin Hendriks

Robin Hendriks
Jul 14, 2020

Hey guys use 3m max I had so much leftover rope and wasted a fair bit, even 4m is better but 5 is a bit much.

Natarcha Jones

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Tip: de uitleg voor beginners ( zoals ik ) iets uitgebreider en langzamer.

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